Transform Your Business with the Help of an SEO Wizard

Authentic Copy from the Heart of an Artist

Why does it always seem that copywriters are trying to “trick” readers into clicking their ads as if they’re ashamed of what they’ve written? Clickbait is an old practice but it is by no means a replacement for a genuine Hook. What good is a click if you annoy your reader to get it?

It’s a clear fact that bad clickbait loses customers - and what’s worse is that it can damage your company’s brand. At Magic Pen we take a defter, more targeted approach. Guided by our experience as storytellers and professionals, we utilize the archetypal psychology of the written word to foster a genuine and impactful relationship with every reader.

Contract-Free Worry-Free

Forget haggling with unverified, amateur freelancers. Forget snarky emails and hidden revision costs. What you pay is what you pay, no more secret fees or last-minute cancellations. Our work is our Craft, and we believe in an approach that emphasizes healthy, long-term relationships with clients over desperate attempts to snag a minor profit.

Affordable Copy for Every Need

Companies like Upwork and Freelancer charge their writers a cut of their total profits - often up to 30%. This forces those writers to charge more per word in order to make their living, but at Magic Pen we host our own servers and do our own marketing. This enables our writers to take home the entirety of their earnings, which in turn gives us an edge on our competition. By managing ourselves independently, we are able to save you money and charge you less on a per-word basis then your standard freelancer.